Guidance Counselling

Guidance Counselling and Distance Education


Helping your Child Transition to a New School

How can I best prepare my child for school in a new country? Will my child meet the credit requirements for graduation this year? Are there any educational allowances to support my child with special needs? Answers to these questions can now be answered by the guidance counselling service offered through Children’s Education Management.

Children's Education Management, managed by Military Family Services under Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, has been managing the educational needs of children of Canadian Armed Forces families since 1947. Now, guidance counselling services further support the education of children as they move from province to province, or out of country. Guidance Counsellors are on hand to help children transition from one school year to the next, or from one posting to the next. This counselling service offers families information, insight and advice on educational options available to their children. Guidance Counsellors can assist with the interpretation of one curriculum versus another and explain credit requirements, deficiencies and equivalents. The Guidance Counsellor can also recommend distance learning courses or tutoring as a solution in meeting academic requirements.

Children's Education Management programs and services are designed to mitigate potential negative impacts on schooling due to geographical moves. If preparing for a posting out-of-province or out-of-country, assistance in understanding which credits are required and which are transferable is now available and accessible to all military families. The Children's Education Management Guidance Counsellors can be reached by phone or email. All contact information is posted in Contact (CEM).

For more information on education allowances (tutoring, board and lodging, tuition, etc.) available for military families posted out-of-province or out-of-country, visit 
Children’s Education Management.

A publication for School Counsellors in Canada is available to raise awareness of the important roles and unique lifestyles of military and Veteran families.