Deployment resources

Deployment Resources

MFRC: The Military Family Services Program provides outreach, information and support to your family when the CAF member is absent due to operational requirements like deployments, tours or postings. Under Military Family Services, the Family Information Line (FIL) keeps CAF families updated when the military member is separated from them due to operational requirements.

Contact your local MFRC for local programs and services available to you.

Road to Mental Readiness (R2MR) is mental health resilience education and training for CAF members and their families. Designed by the CAF, the overall objective of R2MR is to improve mental health outcomes of military members and families by preparing you pre-deployment, and supporting you post-deployment. 
Pre-Deployment Post-Deployment
Phase One: An eight hour brief delivered to CAF members focusing on the theory of how people react to stress. Phase Four: Two briefs, two hours each, delivered to CAF members focusing on decompression training.
Phase Two: A practical brief delivered to CAF members focusing on stress reduction skills like deep breathing and visualization.
Phase Five: A brief delivered through local MFRCs to family members, prior to the return of the member. Training centres on recognizing and managing transition and reintegration challenges.
Phase Three: A three hour brief delivered to family members of deploying CAF members. Delivered by local MFRCs or online this phase is geared toward the needs and deployment challenges of families. Phase Six: Follow-up screening for CAF members three to six months post-deployment.

Emotional Cycle of Deployment: Commonly identified stages of deployment

Homecoming Tips

The book My Mom is a Soldier, written by MCpl Shawn Belisle for parents and educators of military children ages 4 to 8 years is intended to educate and support children during the often emotional and stressful posting season.

Joey’s Mom is Going Away written by Nathalie Connoly supports children who are separated from a parent. Using text, illustrations and activities the story takes children into Joey the beaver’s world as he copes with his mother’s absence.

Supporting children and youth during deployment resources - offering guidance and skills to mitigate the stress of the deployment experience on you and your family.

A Family Guide to the Military Experience
Prepared by Military Family Services this guide provides you with a general overview of the resources you need to plan and prepare for the military family lifestyle. 

For more information about separation and reunion resources please connect with your local Military Family Resource Centre.