“The PSP staff on deployed operations really are an integral part of the team. To use the expression often reserved for soldiers who have deployed to the same danger area – “we have the same dust on our boots”. My first encounter with deployed PSP was Afghanistan in 2008-2009 where an Ice Capp from the friendly Tim Horton’s staff, a new workout routine from one of the fitness advisors, or a lending ear at one of the CANEX facilities really could make the difference in a finding a semblance of normalcy after returning to Kandahar Airfield from some of our more remote combat outposts. Even the laughs shared with some of these same PSP in the bunkers as rockets struck the camp remain with me to this day. In Latvia in 2018, the mission was less dangerous but this in some ways amplified the pressures of being away from home. Once again, the PSP staff – some of them friendly faces from Afghanistan and back in Canada – were there to assist. In addition to their normal fitness and commercial tasks, they organized excursions around Riga to break the monotony of continual training exercises, allowing us to experience the local culture and explore the uniqueness of the region. Once again the laughs and ‘normal’ conversations, in other words non-military ones, were a great break when stocking up on energy drinks or getting a haircut. Even for small missions that do not warrant stationing PSP in direct support, such as my deployment to the Middle East in 2019-2020, PSP provided the same travel planning service for my much needed leave, albeit remotely, that they had done in both other tours. I can honestly say that PSP staff are an integral part of any deployed team and serve their country and Canada’s soldiers with distinction.”
- Major Andy McGregor

“Deployment has been one of the highlights of my career with CFMWS so far. I felt extremely valued, appreciated, and was able to use my multiple years of knowledge and experience to have an amazing time overseas. I've gained another circle of friends and family, a deeper appreciation for what military members and their families go through, and an excitement to deploy again. Seeing the impact I made on the military members, my fellow colleagues, and the organization make me feel proud to be a part of CFMWS."   
- Hilary Oliphant (Latvia 2018)

“I’ve deployed with CFMWS 3 times now, each time has been a different experience with completely new people and challenges. Being able to view things from the ground on a deployment is something that sticks with you and your outlook on life. It can definitely be tough, you’re under different kinds of stresses and away from your family and friends, but the relationships that develop while deployed are strong just like family (they may also drive you nuts from time to time like family). There have been times when everyone was in a good mood and we had tons of laughs, times when the weather was beating down on us. I can think of times when you work your butt off but I think its way better to stay busy. Finding little things to improve the life of those you’re deployed with are what makes the experience rewarding, while we are there by choice not everyone is so being able to brighten someone’s day is always a special moment. Plus, as if the whole experience isn’t rewarding enough, you have the added bonus of a paid vacation- back home or to pretty much anywhere you want to go in the world! I love the adventure of a deployment but as someone who loves to travel the HLTA perk gets me every time!”  
- Jakee Lapierre (Afghanistan 2008, 2010/11 and Latvia 2016/17)