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Who We Are

The HOPE program was created in 2006 with the help of families who have lost a military loved one. The program matches trained volunteers who offer confidential peer support to bereaved families.

“The single most important phone call I received following the death of my son, Paul, was from another father who told me, Mr. Davis, you are now where I was 3 months ago.” We could relate and this made a difference for me, it was the beginning of my healing journey.” – Mr. Jim Davis, Father of Cpl Paul Davis

HOPE peer volunteers get involved to make a difference for those whose lives have been touched by the loss of a loved one. They understand well the grieving process because they have experienced it. HOPE peer volunteers are there to support the family with compassion, without judgment and to help them normalize their pain by being a model of HOPE.

While there is access to civilian bereavement support, as part of the military family, HOPE peer volunteers are able to provide unique support that is not available elsewhere, one where there is a common understanding of the military lifestyle and community.

“My experience through HOPE has been as helpful to me as it has to my peers. Each time, there is something new learned about the similarities in our grief and healing. It is a rewarding experience filled with understanding, growth and HOPE.” – Mrs. Angela Reid, mother of Cpl Christopher Reid