About Shoulder to Shoulder

About Shoulder to Shoulder


About the Shoulder to Shoulder Network

No one is ever prepared for the death of a loved one. In the immediate days and weeks following the death you probably received what felt like an overwhelming amount of information or you were left feeling underprepared for what comes next.

To help you access important information and link you to services and supports when you need them, for as long as you need them, this site has been established as your own ready-to-use quick reference and access guide. You are invited to visit the various components of the site, learn about professional and peer support options, connect with others through our forums, and access information on available benefits/entitlements.

If you would prefer to speak with someone directly, please call the Family Information Line at 1-800-866-4546 or connect with the Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) in your community.