Support to Reservists
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Support to Reservists and their Families

The primary role of the Reserve Force is to augment, sustain and support the Regular component of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). There are Reserve units located in over 100 communities across Canada that are comprised of men and women, who are enrolled for an indefinite period of service and as such, volunteer themselves ready for duty when required.The Reserves play three key roles in the CAF: 
  1. Operational, trained and ready to respond;
  2. CAF presence and community connection; and
  3. Citizenship, displaying leadership and commitment to country.

Military Family Services recognizes that Reserve Force members sustain and support the Regular members of the Canadian Armed Forces; therefore, they and their families are entitled to the same support and services as Regular members. 

Services include the Family Information Line, deployment, education, and employment services and training, just to name a few.  Although, there may not be a physical Military Family Resource Centre (MFRC) location in your hometown, Reservists and their families can still receive services from their closest MFRC location, online or through the Family Information Line.  

Find out about morale and welfare services offered to you and your family.