Understanding a Family Member's OSI

Welcome to The Mind's the Matter. In this program you'll learn about Operational Stress Injuries (OSI), and how having a family member with an OSI can affect your everyday family life.
<< Caution: Some scenes may trigger sensitivities >>
Episode 1 - Dealing with Spousal Anger Episode 5 - Compassion Fatigue
Episode 2 - Understanding Changing Family Roles Episode 6 - Anxiety/Stigma
Episode 3 - Recognizing a Substance Problem Episode 7 - Frustration/Guilt
Episode 4 - Managing Self-Talk  
Introduction to OSI

Episode 1 - Dealing with Spousal Anger

In this episode, you'll learn how to recognize and respond effectively to spousal anger. You'll also go over some useful strategies for managing your own anger and communicating your feelings in an assertive way.

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Segment Two

Segment Three

Segment Four

How should Diane respond?

Diane seems to be unsure how to answer Laurie's question, should she?

Option One

Option Two

Segment Five

Segment Six

Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS)

Segment Seven

Segment Eight

Segment Nine

How should Diane respond?

How should Diane respond to Marc's outburst? Should she say:

Option One

  • "We need to talk about how your anger is affecting me" Show me
  • Conclusion
  • I feel_______when_________because_________I'd like__________.

Option Two

Segment Ten
Answer these Questions  
Family Information Line:
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Episode 2 - Understanding Changing Family Roles