Understanding a Family Member's OSI

Welcome to The Mind's the Matter. In this program you'll learn about Operational Stress Injuries (OSI), and how having a family member with an OSI can affect your everyday family life.

<< Caution: Some scenes may trigger sensitivities >>
Episode 1 - Facts about OSI Episode 2 - Making Your Voice Heard
Episode 3 Managing Your Feelings Episode 4 Dealing with Parental Anger 
Episode 5 - Coping with Teen Depression Episode 6 - Understanding Changing Family Roles
Episode 7 - Dealing with Angry Thoughts Episode 8 - Controlling Angry Behaviours
Episode 9 - Worrying/Stigma Episode 10 - Destructive Behaviours

Introduction to OSI

Episode One - Facts about OSI
In this episode, you'll hear the facts about Operational Stress Injuries. You'll also get some helpful tips on how to deal with an OSI in your own family.

Segment One

Derek's dad doesn't want to do the things he used to enjoy...

What Should Derek do?
Should he take responsibility for his dad's behavior and try to figure out what he's done to cause it?

Option One: 

Should he stay calm and try to fix the problem by reasoning with his dad?

Option Two: 

Segment Two

There was no way for Derek to know that the sound of his practice would cause his dad to have memories about his tour, sometimes the smallest things can make a parent with OSI to relive their past.

Even though it may seem like they're blaming you your actions aren't really the reason they are angry.

Segment Three

It doesn't look like Derek's dad is going to budge...

How do you think Derek should react?
Should he put his dad's needs first and agree to call off the practice?

Option One: 

Should he stay calm and try to fix the problem by reasoning with his dad?

Option Two: 


Sometimes it can be embarrassing to talk about your mom or dad's OSI, don't feel that you have to explain it if it makes you feel uncomfortable but talking openly with a close friend can often make you feel better. You may discover you aren't alone and help someone else talk about it too.

Operational Stress Injury:
  • Over-sensitivity
  • Re-living trauma
  • Avoidance & numbing
Common Family Symptoms:
  • Emotional difficulty
  • Anxiety/worry
  • Sadness and fearfulness
  • Difficulty resolving conflict
Family Information Line:
Additional Resources

Episode 2 - Making Your Voice Heard