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Road to Mental Health Readiness

As requested by the Military Family Services and others within the Defence Team, the Road 2 Mental Health Readiness (R2MR) program is currently looking to build an R2MR online program for families.  Many of the main concepts provided in this training will mirror the content provided to military members through their occupation – including the mental health continuum model, warning signs, resilience skills (Big Four), recovery strategies, etc. Additionally, the training will be expanded to include some family-specific material, such as family resilience, self-care, and general information to help families understand and adjust to life in the Defence community. 
In order to tailor the content to families, as was done with the in-class CAF/DND R2MR content, we will be interviewing DND/CAF members and their families to include their first-hand experiences and advice to other families as a core component of the online training.  Therefore, we are currently seeking volunteers to participate in the video project.  We firmly believe that by having your testimonials and experiences as part of this project, we can better prepare and assist military families to build resilience, recognize when they may be struggling, and encourage those who require mental health treatment to access care. 
Prior to the interview, we would like to ensure you have a clear understanding of this project.  The primary audience of this video will be DND/CAF families.  Unlike when R2MR was provided to military members in a classroom environment, the R2MR Family project will be an online resource that families can access anytime and anywhere.  The content will be housed on our R2MR internet site, and while videos and content will be restricted from downloading and redistribution, it will be open to all individuals who access the site, both those within and outside of the CAF community.  Further, once the online family content has been completed, families will also be able to access the material in a classroom environment through their local MFRC.
Below are the theme areas that we will be touching on during the interview.  Please note that if there are any questions you or your family do not wish to answer and/or at any time during the filming you wish to change or omit an answer, it is your right to do so. 
Part I – Generic questions:
Theme One: Positives/rewarding aspects of being a military family
Theme Two: Challenges and stresses of being a military family
Theme Three: Family coping strategies
Theme Four: Individual coping strategies
Theme Five: Managing separations and reunions
Theme Six: Advice for families joining the CAF community
Part II – If a family has struggled with burnout or another mental health issue within a family member AND is willing to discuss these experiences:
Mental Health theme one: Signs problems were developing
Mental Health theme two: Impact on family
Mental Health theme three: Barriers to seeking help
Mental Health theme four: Treatment and recovery

 If you and your family would be interested in being a part of the video, please contact:
Joyce Chan Maurais
Learning and Instructional Design Specialist
R2MR Training and Education Section, CF Health Services Group HQ
 NOTE: Volunteering now does not commit you to the video - it simply gives us the opportunity to contact you directly to discuss your participation. The submissions will be carefully reviewed and a few will be chosen from across the Canadian Armed Forces to participate in the videos. Other selected submissions will be used in the photo campaign on social media and on the website throughout the year.