Since its inception in 1996, Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Community Recreation programs have evolved to meet the needs of the Canadian Armed Forces Community.  With this growth we have seen major changes in the delivery of leisure services including an increase in children’s programming and a focus on dual model of program delivery (PSP administered and Club administered).

We are pleased to announce that we have adopted HIGH FIVE as the national framework for recreation policy, recreation procedures, risk management, program evaluation and staff development.

HIGH FIVE® is a national standard for sport and recreation, founded by Parks and Recreation Ontario. It is designed to support the safety, well-being and healthy development of participants in recreation and sports programs.

HIGH FIVE® achieves this by providing sport and recreation professionals with tools, training and resources that promote and support the principles of healthy development.  Initially launched in November 2001, this quality assurance framework seeks to ensure all participants experience healthy development from their participation in recreation and sport programs.

PSP Commitment to Quality

  • Our programs promote positive experiences by caring leaders;
  • Our programs foster friendships;
  • Our programs present opportunities for play;
  • Our programs teach skill development and mastery;
  • Our programs encourage participation;
  • Our programs welcome diversity and uniqueness;  
  • Our programs protect participants in a safe and secure environment; 
  • Our programs matter to the CAF community.