PSP Jumpstart Application Process

PSP Jumpstart Application Process

Applying for a Jumpstart Individual Child Grant

The Jumpstart Individual Child Grant Application can be found on the Jumpstart website.
New users (anyone that has not applied for funding in 2021) should click Register and follow the instructions to set up their family account.

Once you have set up your account you can apply for funding.

To apply:
1. Click Grant Applications
2. Click Individual Child Grant
3. Before you start, click Safe Draft at the bottom of the page
4. On the Eligibility page, complete all the questions
5. Answer Yes to the question “Do you have extenuating circumstances...”

6. In the text box, explain your circumstances and that you are a member of the Canadian Armed Forces

7. Please ensure you attach a copy of pages 1 and 2 of your most recent CCB statement
8. Continue the application by completing all required fields and submit