Connect With Us

Connect With Us

You can call us. Our headsets are on.

1-800-866-4546 (North America)
00-800-771-17722 (International)
1-613-995-5234 (Collect calls)

You can email us. Our inbox is always open.

Emailing is right for you if you are the kind of person who likes to write things down, because it helps to get your thoughts organized on paper. We will read your email and, if you need answers, we will look for them. Then, a trained FIL counsellor will reply to you in your preferred English or French. 

We have video too. You can schedule video appointments with the same counsellor. Some families have found video useful because: they weren’t close to an MFRC or they wanted to remain anonymous; they have a hard time finding help outside of business hours; they couldn’t get help in their first language.

The fastest way to reach us is to call.

Either way, our counsellors can offer resources, information and make suggestions. 

Why Connect With the Family Information Line?

  • We provide information on DND, CAF, CFMWS and local community programs, services and resources.
  • FIL counsellors offer client needs assessments and counselling intake screening 
  • We maintain automated information system (operations, ships, newsflashes)
Support and Referral
  • FIL delivers programs like short-term counseling, support groups, coaching and virtual workshops
  • We refer to programs offered by SISIP Financial, CEM, SOT, PSP and more.
  • We find relevant resources using CAF/DND departmental services like the libraries and archives, DND general inquiries, CF orderly rooms and VAC.
  • We also look for resources in your local community. When it is necessary we can transfer you to those resources like a doctor, a mental health professional, or CMHA. 
  • We offer language liaison and follow-up when you need it.  
Crisis Support
  • We can help you to assess and plan for emergencies. 
  • If you are in immediate distress we can offer support and immediate relief of distress.
  • Let us help stabilize the situation. We can help you find Emergency Child Care, or introduce you to Support Our Troops for emergency financial assistance, a duty Padre, police or medical services.