Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs


Fitness Programs

Unit Physical Training Class

PSP Led/Instructed Monday-Friday 0730-0830 hrs 

These classes are available for all Unit’s but must be booked in advance. To book your unit in for a PT class led by PSP please contact Tim Morris Local 2245. If you are looking to add more fitness classes to your weekly repertoire, please contact Tim to see what times are available.


Personalized PT Program 

If you are part of the CAF Community, and are healthy, contact Tim Morris or check out to receive an individualized fitness program catered to meet your goals. 

Noon-Hour Fitness Classes
1200-1245 hrs

These classes are available to all members of the DND, NPF and Military. Classes may change or be added in the future.

Wednesday Yoga: Led by outstanding instructors from PSP, this yoga class looks at improving your balance, your core endurance as well as providing a nice relaxing stretch. Ahhhh. 


FORCE Evaluation Schedule: May change without notice

Register through Tim Morris at local 2245.

Unit FORCE Evaluation 
FORCE Evaluations during block bookings: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 0900 hrs, 1030 hrs, 1330 hrs, Thursday and Friday at 0900 hrs and 1030 hrs only.  Please see below for last year’s block booking schedule for an idea of when your Unit’s Block booking will be. Please book these evaluations through your Unit’s Sport Rep.

  1. Maximum 8 people per time slot;
  2. All Evaluations are conducted at the F & W Centre;
  3. Members must show up at least 15 minutes prior to scheduled Evaluation;
  4. As Units are successful @ booking their personnel during their Block Booking remaining available time slots will be available to subsequent Units to book their personnel; and
  5. ULO Students should be booked throughout the year during weekly timings.


Tim Morris
Fitness Coordinator

705-494-2011 ext. 2245

Philippa Arbiter
Reconditioning Specialist

705-494-2011 ext. 2462

Fitness & Sports Instructors
705-494-2011 ext. 2290