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Community Council

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Community Council

The 22 Wing Community Council is your one stop shop for communicating items of concern for residents of the PMQs, barracks and users of base facilities.

Executive Committee 

Position Name Local
Chair/Mayor WO Danette Weyh 6480
Co-Chair Capt. Dylan Grimm 6845
Secretary MCpl Lyle Multon 3033
Treasurer/Media MCpl Evan Cabanaw 2319
MFRC  Diane Sarrazin-Dubeau 2056
PSP Lindsay Seguin 2613
Teen Centre Shannon Mason 2645
Off Base Rep Avr Kelly Bacon 6470
Entertainment Cpl Jeff Feenstra 6470
Housing Tom Wallace 2750
RV Compound Yvan Belanger 3082
Social Media Avr Kelly Bacon 6470
NPF Sue McFarlane 2899
WCE Rep Sgt Marc Gaudet 2058
MP Rep MCpl Evan Bekus 2188
MP Rep Cpl Mitchell Feldman 2188
Ward 2 Rep WO Teresa Bereti 6407
Ward 3 Rep Cpl Noah Whitehead 6450
Ward 4 Rep Sgt Ryan MacDonald 6470
Ward 5 Rep Avr Andrea Cox 6470

Position to be Filled 

If you are interested in any of the positions below, please contact:
Capt. Ross Nevile - 705-494-2011 ext. 6480

Live In Rep
Ice Rink Volunteer
Ward 1 Rep
Ward 6 Rep 
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