Local Specialty Trade Programming
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Local Specialty Trade Programming

Pre Work-Up Training

We offer a “Pre Work-Up Training” program that will help you better prepare for your Specialty Trade Test. This 12-week program includes PSP led classes 3x per week, along with programming to complete on your own.
The classes will cover exercises and techniques specific to the trade, with practice tests approximately every 4 weeks.
The Pre Work-Up Training program will give you the tools, knowledge, and training required to assist you to successfully complete your trade specific test.
Members MUST register before coming to the classes and these are only intended for people applying in the same year.


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Pre-Selection Training

Once you have successfully passed your Specialty Trade Test, we offer Pre-Selection training to set you up for success on selection.

This training includes seminars and workshops to assist with mental resiliency as well as daily PSP led classes, along with a training program to follow on your own.