Auto Club


Auto Fix it Club

282 Menin Rd. Building D-19
Petawawa, ON K8H 2X3

The Auto Club offers members an excellent opportunity to work on their own vehicles. Many of the attendants are vehicle technicians willing to share their wealth of knowledge. The club has five bays, two bays with hoists and owns a wide variety of top notch tools, such as a plasma cutter, ARC, MIG and Stick welders, oxy acetylene, grinders, tire balancer, diagnostic scanner and a variety of other tools.  

Hours of Operation - see schedule posted on door for additional hours
Monday - Wednesday 6-10pm. 

While the Auto Fix It Club strives to have the shop open every day, our attendants are volunteers and these hours are subject to their availability. If you have an emergency and need to get into the shop outside normal operating hours, or if an attendant isn’t scheduled, you may contact any member of the Executive and we will do our best to come in and assist.

Annual Member Fees
CAC $25
NON CAC members must add an additional $35 Single Club Membership fee
The Club will issue an official club membership card for access after receipt of payment is confirmed.

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Speciallty Fees (must be paid in cash)
Bay Rental $6/hour
Tire Balance and Change $6/tire
Torch or Welding $6/15 mins
Project Bay $50/week
Limited short term vehicle storage $10/month 

Be Smart & Know Your Vehicle

Basic vehicle maintenence course. Tips and Tricks for everyday drivers. Topics to be covered include tire changes, oil changes and general vehicle maintenance.

Course Dates
1800-2200 hrs | 17 & 18 January 2019 | Auto Fix It Club Bldg D-19
1800-2200 hrs | 24 & 25 January 2019 | Auto Fix It Club Bldg D-19

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