Leaders in Training Program

Leaders in Training Program Ages 14+

Calling all future leaders! Leaders in Training (LIT) is a completely FREE hands-on program designed to teach youth valuable leadership skills as well as allow them to gain volunteer experience with PSP Community Recreation Camps. LITs will attend in-house trainings and become HIGH FIVE certified. It is geared specifically toward young adults who want the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and build experience for future job opportunities! The LIT program will offer valuable job-specific training that will give them an edge in applying for future employment with Community Recreation once they reach 16 years of age.  

Expectations for LITs

1. All LITs are required to attend one of the two offered training dates in as well as one training date with regular summer camp staff. 

2. All LITs are required to volunteer for a minimum of two weeks throughout camp.

3. LITs will be placed with a counsellor and a camp group (different group/counsellor each week of volunteering).  Counsellors are required to help foster leadership skills and take on a mentoring role with LITs.

4. By the end of the week, each LIT is required to run one craft OR one activity for the camp group they are assigned to. For example, LITs could choose an activity that involves painting, circle games, themed craft or running games.

5. All LITs will be evaluated at the end of each volunteer week by the counsellor(s) in their group and the on-site supervisor.

Register ONLINE for Summer Camp 2019!  Application forms will be provided upon registration (online or in person) and are to be filled out and returned to the Youth Programs Supervisor, at the South Side Community Centre, no later than 21 March 2019. 

Applicants will be contacted in March 2019 to begin the interview process. Once the LITs interviews take place, references will be contacted for those applicants who were successful. References may include teachers, coaches, employers, etc. Please note that family member references are not permitted. 

If you are enthusiastic and would like to enhance or build upon your leadership skills, please contact the Youth Program Supervisor, Krista Koepsel at 613-687-2104 x 244 for more information.