Deployment Resources

Deployment Resources


Deployment Resources

Part of military life involves work related separations. Deployment is when a CF member (or Reservist) is required to spend work related time away from home for a period of 30 days or more.

This includes:
  • Temporary Duty
  • Special Tasking
  • IR
  • Course or Field Exercise
  • Overseas Deployment 
If your family will be experiencing a separation for 30 days or more due to one of the above, be sure to fill out a Family Information Form or contact; Family members eligible for deployment services include; spouse, common law partner, sibling, parent and children. By letting the MFRC know when your family is experiencing a deployment, we will ensure they are connected and informed. 

The Shilo MFRC understands that separations can be challenging, so in order to help you prepare and persevere, we offer the following deployment resources and services: 

1. Deployment Resources & Packages Contact the MFRC for a package tailored to your family. 

2. The Warm Line
During a deployment, a MFRC staff will contact the family member indicated on the Family Information Form to share information about the deployment services and current deployment programs available. The family can then decide the level of contact they wish to have with the MFRC. If family members are located outside the Shilo catchment area, we can also help connect them with the closest MFRC in their area.

3. The Deployment Email List
Family members experiencing a deployment can opt to receive regular information about overseas deployments, the monthly deployment programs and other deployment services via email.

4. Workshops / Road to Mental Readiness
Workshops are offered periodically throughout the year including R2MR. The Road to Mental Readiness program aims to provide guidance and skills to mitigate the challenges during pre-deployment, separation and/or reunion process. The workshop is free and is run in a group setting or individually.

5. Monthly Programs
The MFRC offers monthly deployment programs for adults, children and families. Adults have the opportunity to share experiences and support while attending a local event or a fun evening out. Children can enjoy an afternoon of crafts, and games while socializing with other kids going through a deployment. Family programs range from Build You Own Pizza nights to Let’s Go to the Fair!

Check out the Activities & Workshops page or the MFRC newsletter for deployment program information and registration.

We are always looking for new ideas, so if you have a program suggestion please contact a Deployment Coordinator!

6. Childcare
Caregivers sometimes need a break. The MFRC offers up to 6 hours of free childcare per month in the Occasional Childcare Centre for families with children residing in the Shilo and surrounding area. Youth Program vouchers are available for families with school aged children instead of vouchers for the Occasional Childcare Centre. For families with children who live outside the Shilo area, Offsite vouchers are available for up to a max of $48.00 per month.

The MFRC also offers Emergency Childcare if needed. Please contact the MFRC for more information about childcare vouchers or Emergency Childcare.