Deployment Resources

Deployment Services

The MFRC Deployment Team is working hard to offer virtual services to your families at this crucial time! Please contact them or visit our monthly newsletter for more information on virtual programs & services!

Deployment Services

“I did not truly understand what deployment was like until I experienced it for myself.
My experience has made me realize how significant it is to have someone to talk to who knows what you’re going through. I hope that the Shilo MFRC’s deployment services can be that extra little support that can make such a big difference.”
- Alexa Kullberg
Deployment Coordinator Deployment Assistant
Alexa Kullberg Jennifer Pinard
(204)765-3000 ext. 4555 (204) 765-3000 ext.3632
The MFRC understands that family units are unique so whether you’re a married family of four, common law partners, siblings, parents of a member or a family of one, we offer services and resources for all.  The Shilo MFRC defines deployment as any work-related separation for the duration of 30 days or more including courses, training, overseas missions and IR.

Experiencing a deployment but haven’t heard from us? 
We don’t always know, so please fill out the MFRC Deployment Family Information Form to help your family stay connected and informed.  


For Military Families For Families Supporting Children 
  • Shilo MFRC Family Care Plan organizes your short term and long term emergency plan for children and how you can access MFRC Emergency Childcare. Fill yours out and keep it on the fridge for easy access.
  • Shilo Family Readiness Binder - For Families Supporting Children: features parental, legal, financial and maintenance checklists, ideas for self-care, how to support children during deployment and activities to stay connected.
  • Sample Travel Consent Letter for traveling out of country with children.
  • Parenting From Afar answers common questions parents have about deployment and children, identifies common reactions in children who are experiencing a deployment, created by Esquimalt MFRC.
  • Tool Box: for parents of children ages 5 and under created by Valcartier MFRC.
  • My Mom is a Soldier is for parents and educators of military children ages 4 to 8 years and is intended to educate and support children during the often emotional and stressful posting season.
  • Joey's Mom is Going Away supports children who are separated from a parent. Using text, illustrations and activities, the story takes children into Joey the beaver's world as he copes with his mother's absence.
For Parents of CAF Members For Military Members HEALTH & WELLNESS
The Family Information Line (1-800-866-4546) offers 24/7 crisis intervention and information and referral services for military families over the phone or by email. Their counselling team understands the uniqueness and challenges of the military lifestyle.

Member Assistance Program (1-800 268-7708) can assist you in finding a mental health professional in your geographical area.

Counselling Services: The MFRC has 3 wonderful mental health professionals that provide free confidential counselling services to families, couples, individuals and children. For more information, please contact a member of our counselling team at the following.
Carolyn Senchuck-Lavergne Nicole Oliver Ryan Blackman

ADULTS: Did you know that interacting with others boosts feelings of well-being and decreases feelings of depression? The MFRC offers monthly programs for adult, a great opportunity to make social connections. For deployed family members a portion of program cost is subsidized, and offsite childcare vouchers are available. See childcare section for more information on offsite vouchers.

FAMILIES: Enjoy an outing with the family by participating in the monthly family deployment programs. MFRC staff will be there to lend you a hand if you need.

CHILDCARE: One Saturday per month, childcare is available for deployed families at the MFRC Occasional Childcare room from 10:00am to 4:00pm. Use your deployment vouchers and take the time for self-care. Priority will be given to deployed families who do not have the opportunity to use OCC during the week. 

ROAD TO MENTAL READINESS: is a mental health workshop that provides guidance and skills to mitigate the challenges during pre-deployment, separation and reunion of deployed family members. Topics include identifying the challenges of deployment, tools for maintaining mental wellness, the importance of effective communication, and supporting children. The workshop is free and is run in a group setting or individually. Please contact the deployment coordinator for more information. 

Check out and sign up for all monthly MFRC programs via the MFRC monthly newsletter.


Is a Provincially Licenced daycare facility open to military families. OCC is available so families so can attend appointments, get groceries, take a break or practice selfcare childfree. First time users of OCC are required to fill out an OCC Registration Form. Click here for more information about our Occasional Childcare Centre or contact the MFRC reception desk at (204) 765-3000 ext.3352.

The MFRC offers 6 hours of free childcare per month in the Occasional Childcare Centre for families experiencing a deployment who reside in Shilo and surrounding area. If you are interested in OCC vouchers, contact the deployment coordinator.  

How to use OCC vouchers: One OCC voucher is issued per month for the duration of the deployment. Families are asked to sign for the vouchers at the MFRC before they are filled in the OCC Binder (kept in the OCC room). When booking a child(ren) into OCC, communicate to the staff that you have deployment vouchers and the staff will keep track of the hours used. 

One Youth voucher per month for the duration of the deployment can be issued to families who have school aged children. Families will be reimbursed for two youth programs per month at maximum value $30.00. Please contact the Deployment Coordinator if you are interested in receiving Youth Program vouchers. (Currently suspended due to COVID-19)

How to use youth program vouchers: Youth Program vouchers when issued by the Deployment Coordinator can be picked up at the MFRC reception desk. Families continue to register and pay for programs before the deadline as usual then complete the voucher and submit it back to the MFRC at the end of the month for reimbursement. Families will be notified when their reimbursement cheque is ready to be picked up at the MFRC.

Are available for deployed families who live outside the Shilo area at a maximum of $48.00 per month. These can be used for home babysitters, kids programs or at the MFRC Occasional Childcare Centre. Offsite vouchers can be sent to you in the mail or picked up at the MFRC. If you are interested in receiving offsite childcare vouchers please contact the Deployment Coordinator with your mailing address.

How to use offsite vouchers: To use your monthly offsite voucher, have the childcare provider or program coordinator fill out the back of the voucher. Mail or drop off the voucher to the MFRC. Please provide a return mailing address and we will then mail you a reimbursement cheque. Please allow two weeks for processing. Offsite vouchers will be accepted for reimbursement up to one month after member returns from deployment. 

Offsite vouchers are available for deployment adult programs. Individuals are responsible for booking and paying the childcare provider. The MFRC will reimburse $8.00 per hour for the duration of the program and up to a half hour travel time to and from the program. Vouchers will be distributed at the program for those who request an offsite voucher in advance.

EMERGENCY & RESPITE CHILDCARE SERVICES (Contact the MFRC for updated emergency childcare options)
Childcare is available to families when their short-term and long-term childcare plan is being activated or during unforeseen circumstances. A MFRC Family Care Plan should be filled out prior to receiving Emergency Childcare Services. 
Daytime hours, contact the MFRC at 765-3000 ext. 3352
Evening or overnight hours, contact the Base Duty Center 765-3000 ext. 3044

Respite Care is available to military families on a case by case bases. For more information contact the MFRC at 204-765-3000 ext. 3352.