Auto Club

Auto Club


Auto Club

The Auto Club is a place where once a member, you can do a magnitude of repairs to your vehicle: car, truck, off-road vehicle, and…... from oil changes to auto body work or whatever issues you may have. We have experienced custodians that volunteer to open and close the club as well as assisting with knowledge and advice of equipment, tools and repairs.
We are open Monday- Thursday 1800-2100
On call Friday – Sunday (only for vehicle emergencies)
We have two types of memberships with the cost based on your association to the CAF:

The basic membership allows members to utilize the hoist and access to complete tool kits. This is more for light jobs like oil changes, tire rotations, routine vehicle repairs.

The project membership is more for the automotive enthusiast, which gives you access to an assortment of welders, paint booth, sandblasters, oxy-acetylene torches, as well as the hoist and tool  kits and is more inclined to knowledgeable members.
A REGULAR member is defined as a currently serving or retired member and their family
An ORDINARY member is a current or retired civilian employee of the CAF
An ASSOCIATE member is a person to no affiliation to the CAF 

  Basic Project
Regular $50 $100
Ordinary $55 $110
Associate $60 $120
Auto Club Waiver
To become a member contact one of the committee members listed below or drop by the club during business hours; 

William Porter – President 

Justin Kirkpatrick – Vice President

Scott Aikens – Secretary Treasurer