Shilo MFRC Board of Directors

Shilo MFRC Board of Directors

The MFRC Board of Directors currently seeking applicants! Print an application below or visit the MFRC front desk for a paper copy!

Board of Directors

The Shilo MFRC Board of Directors 

The board of directors is composed of volunteers, the majority of whom are military spouses, elected by the community during the Annual General Meeting. Representatives of the Base Commander, 1RCHA, 2PPCLI and the Executive Director of the MFRC also sit on the Board of Directors as non-voting members. 

Current Directors:
Jim Doppler - Chairperson
Shawn Wood - Vice Chairperson
Kate Farquharson - Secretary/Treasurer
Alexandra Kuefler - member
Ana Arias – member

Vacant – Base ex-officio – non-voting
Vacant – 2PPCLI ex-officio – non-voting
Vacant – 1RCHA  ex-officio – non-voting
Willemien van Lankvelt – MFRC ED ex-officio – non-voting

To contact the Shilo MFRC Board of Directors please send an email to or call 765-3000 ext 3352 and leave a message with the MFRC receptionist and your call will be returned at the Board Chair's earliest convenience.

The Shilo MFRC bylaws & policies are currently under review & will be posted upon completion.

The Shilo MFRC Board of Directors is currently seeking applicants!
Military spouses, daycare parent, community members are all welcome to apply!

Do you have experience in any of the categories below?
  • business/strategic planning
  • fund development
  • information management
  • human resources
  • finance
If you are interested in being a part of the Shilo MFRC Board of Directors, please fill out an application HERE and send it to