Dealing with Difficult Situations

Dealing with Difficult Situations Free Morning Webinar

Thursday 3 October, 2019, 10:00-11:00 AM (please arrive by 9:50 AM) 
MFRC Annex (Building R34, Ralston, adjacent to the Wood Hobby Shop)

Sticky situations, touchy topics, problem people...we’ve all encountered challenges like these and felt flustered and unsure about what to say or do. Yet there are those individuals who don’t stammer or get upset...they keep their cool and smoothly sail through the most difficult situations. Wondering how these “diplomats” do it? This Webinar will answer the question.

Feel more confident in challenging situations. Know how to deal with people when they’re at their worst. Find solutions without blaming anyone or saying something you’ll regret. Stay unconditionally neutral when you’re involved in other people’s conflicts. Enroll now and in just one hour, learn the secrets to help you think on your feet, stay in control and know what to say in tough situations, and take your communication skills and career to the next level.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Where do most problems come from?
  • Tips on understanding and communicating effectively with different personality types;
  • Sure-fire ways to prevent or reduce defensive behavior;
  • Handling other people’s conflicts without getting caught in the crossfire;
  • How to deal with hotheads, bad-mouthers, habitual fault-finders and other morale busters;
  • “We’re in this together” ... how to turn tough cases into team players;
  • When things get out of hand—techniques for defusing tense or explosive situations;
  • Techniques for getting to win-win solutions; there’s no reason to have “losers” in any future conflicts.
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