iPad: Harnessing the Full Power of This Must-Have Tool
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You know an iPad is more than a sleek little consumer toy, that it can be used to manage a lot of common workplace tasks — email, Web research, your calendar, and so on. But most people have only a vague idea of just how powerful the Apple® tablet can be for driving workplace results. In fact, many iPad owners tap into a mere fraction of its immense functions and uses.

Find out how to better use your iPad as a business tool. We’ll also fill you in on the top business-related apps that are helping millions work more efficiently. Watch iPad: Harnessing the Full Power of This Must-Have Tool, a one-hour webinar. Learn how to turn that shiny toy into a powerful business productivity booster.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Stay connected by turning your iPad into a mobile office;
  • Manage projects at the office or on the road;
  • Impress your clients by using your iPad to control presentations and more;
  • How to keep your iPad running longer;
  • Apps that will turn your iPad into a business power tool;
  • How to host a business conference directly from your iPad.