Coding for Veterans

Coding for Veterans

Coding for Veterans aims to assist Canadian veterans with their transition from military service into Canada’s ICT sector, by providing them industry-specific and job-focused online training and mentorship to help meet this demand.

Format:  Classes are 100% online through accredited educational partners (University of Ottawa and Durham College).  This hands-on program will be designed to give the people leaving Canada’s military the ability to transition into jobs in Canada’s IT sector.

The program will revolve around two different training streams: basic and advanced. The intro level programming course will teach individuals the skills that are essential to any computer programming job. The advanced level courses (cyber, data analytics) will enable individuals with a higher level of expertise to further their technical skills and develop specialization in certain areas.

You can apply your Veterans’ Education and Training Benefit to cover the costs associated with the training. (The new Veterans’ Education and Training Benefit to provide up to $80,000 to Veterans in support of post-secondary education.  This new benefit will provide Veterans with funding for college, university or a technical education. Veterans with six years of service may be eligible for up to $40,000 and Veterans with at least 12 years of service may be eligible for up to $80,000 to cover tuition, course materials, and some incidentals and living expenses).