Life Extension Programme 2020 Overview

Cut the Excuses 2020 New Year, New You. Let us assist you, no matter where you are on your health journey.

The Life Extension Programme (LEP) is a local initiative that provides our local Defence team with opportunities to be healthy and well.

Due to the pandemic, the LEP was suspended in mid-March. See our Facebook page for ways to live actively and be well. See also below for certain archived challenges. Note, however, that any classes or events referenced (including "Fit for Health;" "Fit for Force" and the Scavenger Hunt) are cancelled.

For the upcoming year, we provide you with your choice from among 4 different pathways:

1. Wellness Wednesday: For anyone worried about your health and not having yet taken your first step. To take part right now, download one of the challenges from here and give it a go (no registration required).

2. Workout at Work: For anyone in fair health and ready to start moving a little, without having to change into gym clothes or going to a gym. To take part right now, pick one our workouts from here and give it a go (no registration required).

3. Fit for HEALTH: For anyone in fair health and ready to move more by exercising in a group setting. To take part, pick from one of two classes from the schedule here and give it a go (no registration required).

4. Fit for FORCE: For anyone in good health and ready to embark on a challenge. Here, you will strengthen in ways that translate to a better FORCE Evaluation (FORCE is a great challenge and civilians are welcome to give it a try). To learn more, find detailed information here along with steps to register.

LEP Scavenger Hunt: Once monthly, as a reward for participating at your own level in any of Wellness Wednesday, Workout at Work, or Fit for Health, you will be eligible to claim a clue in a special scavenger hunt.

Not sure if you are healthy enough to be physically active? Take the Get Active Questionnaire (see also Reference Document).