Veteran Family Program

Veteran Family Program


Veteran Family Program Transitioning to Civilian!

What does a veteran look like?
A veteran is any CAF regular or reserve force member who is no longer serving. It does not matter if you were deployed, what element you served in or what your trade was. Anyone who served in the CAF is a veteran who deserves to connect with the many resources available to them. We can help you navigate and connect with the right services at the right time. Easing your transition is our goal, and we are with you every step of the way as you transition to civilian life. 
What does a veteran family look like?
Military and Veteran families come in all shapes and sizes. Single, Married, dual serving, kids or no kids, extended, blended, by choice or chance- the people closest to you that play an important part of your life – your loved ones – are family to you, which makes them family to us. 
Are you a veteran family? Let us know!
Even if you don’t have any immediate requirements, give us a call or email. We’re interested in understanding how many veterans are out there in our area and learning what has helped ease their transition. Just by reaching out you are helping us help others.
What is the Veteran Family Program?
The Veteran Family Program extends the traditional Military Family Services Program (MFSP) to releasing and released Veterans and their families, while also offering specialized transition programs and services. When a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member makes the transition from active service to veteran status, their family does too. Releasing from the CAF can be challenging for members and families, but even more so when the release is the result of a medical condition.
Enhanced information and referral services means that we are here to help your family navigate the complex process of releasing, the challenges that may arise, and the sometimes unexpected impact on your social, emotional, and financial wellbeing.  Our programs, services and approach are always family centered, strengths based, empowering and solution focused.
The partnerships that have been developed through the Veteran Family Program enable us to bring you standardized and effective programs that have been thoroughly evaluated and are well matched to addressing the factors for successful transition.
Exciting announcements are coming about programs and services offered through the Veteran Family Program-stay tuned! 

We are your MFRC
Although we are based in Suffield, we serve a large geographic area, and are always on the road meeting with families in your community. We are your MFRC. Give us a call.
For more information about what MFRC has to offer veterans and their families, and for specifics of the Veteran Family Program, contact the Veteran Family Program Coordinator (VFPC) at the Suffield MFRC.

For more information email the VFPC ( or call the Suffield MFRC at 403-544-5567 and ask to speak with Elaine (VFCP).