Support our Troops

Sponsorship & Donations


If you are interested in sponsoring "Those Who Serve" please contact:
Mrs. Charley Paul ( Authorized Agent)
NPP Sponsorship & Donation Manager
Office: 403-544-4210
   Cell: 403-502-2695

Examples of Morale and Welfare activities to which the NPP Sponsor Support Policy applies are as follows:

  • Military Sports at National, Regional, Intra-mural, Unit or Special events - awards and prizes, Equipment in excess of public support, Social events, Transport in excess of public support, Volunteer support, Clinics, Posters, Refreshments and food in excess of public support;
  • Community Events including Family Days, Car boot/flee market sales, Base Commanders Run;
  • Recreation Activities - Specialized equipment, Leadership program materials, Volunteer recognition events, Summer programs, etc;
  • Specialty Interest Activities - Including golf, curling etc.;
  • Amenity Programs and Deployed Operations Support - Show Tours, promotional items;
  • Mess Activities - Entertainment, Social events, Food and beverages etc.;
  • Awards Ceremony - Refreshments, Awards and Prizes, etc.;
  • CISM Program - Clinics, Athlete recognition gifts. etc.; and
  • Special NPP activities including volunteer development program, CF Photo Contest.