Conflict Resolution for Project Managers
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A certain amount of conflict is expected and even helpful when people work together.  But, as a project manager, conflict is also one of the biggest team headaches you face. It can slow your progress, affect your budget, or create an unpleasant work environment for everyone. And as the project manager, people look to you to resolve these clashes. They look to you to maintain focus so the work gets done. 

Conflict Resolution for Project Managers is a new webinar that sheds light on the sources of conflict and teaches you to spot personality differences and situations that lead to it. You’ll get techniques to calm conflict, teach teams how to disagree appropriately, and promote the kind of communication that helps prevent conflict in the first place. Enroll now and keep your projects and teams running smoothly.

Take a Glimpse at Your Agenda:

  • Understand the benefits of well-managed conflict in making good ideas even better;
  • Identify five common sources of conflict on project teams so you can spot trouble before it happens;
  • Study the five levels of conflict so it’s clear when and how you should intervene;
  • Develop a unified team that is mature enough to handle conflict;
  • Get a better understanding of personality styles and the ingredients for successful collaboration;
  • Separate people from issues: the key to calming personality clashes;
  • Resolving conflict: your role in teaching teams how to disagree appropriately;
  • Prevent conflicts by using a few key communication tips;
  • Learn the 7-step model for managing conflict so you’ve got a systematic method that works.