Creative Strategies for training the Unmotivated or Reluctant Learner

Creative Strategies for training the Unmotivated or Reluctant Learner Free Morning Webinar

Tuesday 1 October, 2019, 10:00-11:00 AM (please arrive by 9:50 AM) 
MFRC Annex (Building R34, Ralston, adjacent to the Wood Hobby Shop)

As a trainer, you need to ensure that you reach everyone in the audience...that can be tough when one or more learners are not motivated and just don't want to be there!

This webinar will cover everything that you need to know in order to engage the reluctant learner:
1. Understand the root cause of unmotivated learners. What is it that causes people not to
want to learn new things?
2. Understand the difference between motivation and stimulation — when to use intrinsic
and extrinsic motivation.
3. Know the seven proven methods of effective training — before the training, during the
training, and after the training.
4. Know how to get students to participate.
5. Be able to have meaningful training and make it relevant to the personal and professional
lives of your trainees.
6. Know how to add energy, enthusiasm, and excitement to the training itself.
7. Understand the structure of training, how to make it fun — using games, exercises, and
learning activities to get learners excited and involved.
8. Have strategies for getting learners to feel comfortable in their learning environment.
9. Understand the best way to get feedback after any training session.
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