Effective Project Management
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Projects are getting more and more complicated. People want things faster ... cheaper ... better. And then they change their minds.

As a project manager, you’ve got to map a course and keep a diverse team moving together. You’ve got to monitor costs and resources ... all while careening toward a fast-approaching deadline. If you haven’t had a lot of formal training in project management, this process can be overwhelming.

The 'Basics of Effective Project Management & Execution' is a plain-English one-hour Webinar that will teach you the skills needed to keep all your projects flowing smoothly and on time. When a deadline shifts, priorities change or your team is distracted, you’ll know what to do. Featuring the strategies of expert project managers, this Webinar will teach you all the essentials of project management and the best and most effective way to work around any barriers that pop up, ensuring your projects stay on track and running with ease.

Take a Glimpse at What You’ll Learn:

  • Getting off on the right foot to ensure successful project completion;
  • Managing a limited budget for maximum results;
  • Dealing with time constraints and making deadlines work for you;
  • Why open communication is a project manager’s best friend;
  • Identifying and dealing with obstacles before they arise;
  • Executing: Strategies to ensure your projects meet their benchmarks every time.