How to Negotiate with Customers-Handling Unreasonable Demands

How to Negotiate with Customers-Handling Unreasonable Demands Free Morning Webinar

Wednesday 10 June, 2020, 10:00-11:00 AM (please arrive by 9:50 AM) 
MFRC Annex (Building R34, Ralston, adjacent to the Wood Hobby Shop)

Customer service reps are on the frontlines, communicating directly with customers every day, and they are increasingly thrust into negotiations with difficult and demanding customers without any formal negotiation training. That’s why it’s imperative that your customer service team join us for How to Negotiate with Customers: Handling Unreasonable Demands.
Give your customer service representatives the tools and techniques they need to handle unreasonable customer demands and negotiate an outcome with which everyone is satisfied. Customer service representatives will learn how to handle difficult customers, negotiate seemingly unreasonable demands, and find solutions so customer — and company — leave happy.
A Glimpse at What You’ll Learn
  • Demanding clients: How to handle behavior that appears unreasonable
  • How to handle client negotiations by not jumping to conclusions
  • Regain control of conversations with pushy customers
  • Are customers really unreasonable or do they have too much information?
  • Develop extreme negotiation strategies across cultural boundaries
  • Tips and techniques to negotiate with customers you can't afford to lose
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