Deployment Support Groups

What is a self-help support group?

Support groups are not an indication of a problem. They are a way to prevent problems and learn in a safe, confidential environment with peers who truly understand what you are going through, when experiencing your family separation.
  • Self-help is a process of sharing common experiences, situations or problems.
  • Self-help is participatory in nature and involves getting help, giving help, learning to help yourself as well as sharing knowledge and experiences.
  • There is no charge to participate, groups are voluntary and always open to new members.
  • The primary focus of self-help is emotional support, practical support and informational exchange. It allows participants to normalize their own feelings by hearing the stories and experiences of others, and learn from each other how to cope and manage in difficult situations.
  • Opportunities to enhance coping by learning through the experience of others.
  • The key point is that groups can provide direct personal experience that can be extremely valuable in terms of personal development or personal support. Such experiences are hard to come by other than through the group process.
Self-Help is about: 
  • Learning with and from each other
  • Dealing with a common problem, issue, condition, need
  • Acknowledging differences within similar situations
  • Empowering by acknowledging
  • Providing support
  • Working together
  • Discovering alternatives
  • Finding empowering solutions
  • Learning about yourself and your own strengths

Groups are subject to change and cancellation at short notice, therefore participants MUST register with the Coordinator prior to attending a group. Please RSVP one week ahead (or as early as possible) by contacting the Family Separation & Reunion Coordinator or by phone at 416-633-6200 ext. 4310. She can also provide the timing (which varies) and details about locations.

Each month specific topics will be presented, based on needs identified by group members. Sessions are not mandatory and it is not necessary to attend each month. If you miss a group session, you can get handouts from these sessions by contacting the Coordinator directly.

Please contact us to get full details about relationship specific Groups for spouses / fiancées / girlfriends / boyfriend, parents and siblings of deployed members.