Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Health Promotion

‘‘Strengthening the Forces’’ is the Canadian Armed Forces’ Health Promotion program. 

Our services enable you to make sound choices regarding health, wellness, lifestyle and work-life balance. They include awareness activities, workshops, courses, information booths and health events. We schedule these services in advance or offer them upon request according to your needs.

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The services are primarily for Regular and Reserve Force mem bers, their immediate families, civilian employees of the Department of National Defence, Non-Public Funds employ-ees and members of cadet corps. 

The team is composed of four health professionals with comple men tary areas of expertise (kinesiologist, dietician and social workers) and an administrative assistant. 

Health Promotion’s Programs

Addiction, awareness & prevention
  • Supervisor training: Alcohol, other drugs and gambling
  • Butt out program
  • Alcohol, other drugs, and gambling awareness
Running injury prevention awareness

Day-to-day injury prevention awareness

Nutritional wellness
  • Weight wellness lifestyle program
  • Top fuel for top performance
Social wellness
  • Supervisor training: Mental fitness
  • and suicide awareness
  • Stress: Take charge!
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Managing angry moments
  • Awareness and prevention of family violence
  • Suicide awareness
  • Sleep awareness
Feel free to ask for activities or information about specific subjects according to your needs. Come and meet us from Monday to Friday between 7:30 am and 4:30 pm.  

To contact us
181-A, building 516, Base Valcartier 
Telephone number: 418-844-5000, ext 4677