Parent's Guide
Veuillez noter que le camp est fermé le 1er juillet.

Parent's Guide Last update : 17/02/2021

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To provide an enriching and entertaining recreational experience for children in the community during the summer months in a safe environment. Your child will develop new interests, personal growth, skills, socialization and channel their energy in a positive way.

• To provide recreational programming that focuses on physical, cognitive, social, moral and emotional development;
• Carry out activities in a healthy and safe environment ;
• Vibrate to the rhythm of a whimsical and enriching adventure;
• Provide special attention to your child.​

Well-managed staff and skilled facilitators
• A competent and experienced management team close to you
• Facilitators trained to High Five® standards
• Certified facilitators with a Facilitator Aptitude Diploma (D.A.F.A.)
• Facilitator trained to deploy the Tremplin Santé program

A safe framework
• Ratio adapted according to the age of the child and according to A.C.Q. standards.
• Access to the 9-1-1 emergency service at Base Valcartier
• First aid training 
• Youth worker with his assistant on site (one of the only camps in Quebec City)

Varied programming
• A new dynamic theme each week
• One special activity per week related to the theme
• Challenges with the masters of WOW!
• Big games, special days, etc.
• Specialists who enhance the quality of the animation

High Five Standards
Our teachers, coaches, animators and all the interveners working for the Base Valcartier Community Recreation Department are committed to offering sports and recreation programs of superior quality to children from 5 to 12 years old.
The HIGH FIVE® quality standard ensures that your child's experience in sports and recreation activities will be safe, unique and age-appropriate. This way, your child will have an experience that includes the following elements :

• participation: a fair opportunity for all
• the game: just having fun!
• Mastery: learn new skills and succeed
• friends: the chance to make new friendships
• a caring adult: a facilitator who is attentive and shows a genuine interest in all children

Health springboard
We are a camp that participates in the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits in the daily life of the young people who come to camp. The objective of tremplin santé is to contribute to the adoption by youth of healthy eating behaviours (snacks, lunches), a physically active lifestyle (1 hour of physical activity minimum per day) and self-acceptance.
For recipe ideas or more details visit:

Quebec Camp Association
We are certified by the Association des Camps du Québec. Their mission is to recognize and promote the quality and educational value of the CAMP experience in Quebec.

We hope that you will become an accomplice to our efforts and our work. It is therefore essential that we be informed of any situation or particular element concerning your child. It is your duty to update the information concerning your child. Be an extension of our eyes.
We are open to all your comments, suggestions and recommendations in order to offer you a service adapted to your needs. We invite you to leave your comments either by email :


*** This is our respect program to be read and respected for the entire duration of the camp***

More information to come

Arrival of the children 6 h 45 to 8 h 00 am
Beginning of the day camp 8 h 00 am
End of the day 3 h 30 pm
Departure of the children 3 h 30 to 5 h 00 pm
Children must arrive and leave at the scheduled time at their respective sites in order to follow their group throughout the day. 
Exceptionally, children may arrive or leave earlier. In such a case, please contact the person in charge of your site: 
- Community Centre: 418-844-5000 ext. 8143
- Arena: 418-561-8143

Swimming pool
More information to come

Meals and hydration
Each child must bring a cold meal, as the use of the microwave will not be permitted. 
Each child must also bring a water bottle. Water troughs must be used only to fill the water bottles. Also, the watering troughs or watering can will be accessible only by employees. 

Sunscreen and mosquito repellent
As for sunscreen, it is mandatory that young people cream at least twice a day (in the morning when the child arrives and after dinner). 
As for the application of mosquito repellent, it is on an as-needed basis.

The facilitator will follow the current health instructions for the application of sunscreen if necessary.

Here, it is normal that the floating object is : 
• Adjust to the size of your child  
• That the closing system is made by a strap with clip  
• That the buoyancy is provided by the styrofoam material 
• That the child is able to keep his head out of the water when floating.  

Here are a few examples:

Situations requiring a follow-up with the parents will be handled by our youth worker or the management team. We will contact you as needed to schedule an appointment with you in a safe space. 

To communicate with us, please contact us at :
- Community Center : (418) 844-5000 ext. 8143
- Arena: 418-561-8143

• A backpack for storing personal belongings
• A lunch and 2 snacks (cold food). No peanuts or nuts
• Summer clothes, swimsuit, towel 
• Warm clothing for cooler days
• Raincoat and change of clothes in case of rain
• Espadrilles or closed-toe sandals (Crocs are not accepted)
• MANDATORY: sunscreen, mosquito repellent, hat, water bottle 
***Identify the child's personal belongings.

Please note that a Facebook group will display all lost items. When the owner of an item is identified, the item will be placed in the child's bag. Anything containing food will be discarded at the end of each week.
The medical information section must be completed in the child's file and be current. This will allow us to identify children who require special attention. Day camp staff is not authorized to administer medication. Your child must be able to take medication on his/her own (assisted by our executive director). For your child's safety, we ask that you take the precaution of putting the medication in the original container with the dosage. The medications are kept by our youth worker and locked under lock and key. Children may not have any medication in their possession. Only the epinephrine auto-injector or insulin pump can be carried in a size bag.
Epinephrine auto-injector: a form must be completed for each child with an epinephrine auto-injector. A photo must also be provided.