March 21 - Valcartier Indoor Triathlon

Valcartier Indoor Triathlon

Participate in the Valcartier Indoor Triathlon on the Valcartier Military Base.

Do you want to particiate in an extraordinary sporting event accessible to anyone? The principle is simple: to travel the greatest distance in 15 minutes for each of the three sports while staying indoors! Simple, effective and intense. 

You will have 15 minutes of swimming, 15 minutes of cycling and 15 minutes of running. Between each sport there will be 5 minutes to complete each transition. An indoor triathlon is more distance-based rather than time-based. A scoring system will be established based on the furthest distance traveled. A ranking of the first 3 places will be categorized by age group. The 3 sports will count equally. Waves of 10 to 20 people will commence every 20 minutes. The race is anticipated to fast and you should cross the finish line in less than an hour. 

Accessible for all levels. Minimum age of 10 years (The child must be tall enough to sit on an indoor bike)

 Date   Costs
 Up to February 29, 2020  $41 
 Starting March 1, 2020  $51
 On the day of the event  $61
 Time  Descriptions
 7h45 Opening of the athletes' Welcome Kiosk
 7h45 to 9h00  Possibility of last minute registrations
 8h30  Opening of the pool
 9h00  Start of the first wave
 9h20  Start of the second wave
 9h40  Start of the third wave
 10h00  Start of the fourth wave
* Schedule subject to change depending on the number of registrations
The event will take place on March 21, 2020
The reception will be at the Valcartier Base Sports Centre.
You can register at the reception the same morning starting at 7h45 (space permitting).


For more information
Vanessa Thauvette, Community Life Coordinator
418-844-5000, ext 3852