The Valcartier Hunting and Fishing Club (VHFC) allows its members to practice sport fishing for speckling trout on the territory of Base Valcartier. The fishing season begins on Queen's Day (the Monday before May 25) and ends around mid-September. During each visit, a member with an individual subscription can fish up to 10 trout per day while a member with a family subscription can fish up to 15 trout per day if the latter is accompanied by his family.

Access to the site
Only active VHFC members with a fishing permit issued by the VHFC can access the lakes and rivers of Base Valcartier. Only one fishing license is required per family group. Members can access the lakes from 6 a.m. until midnight of the same day. Upon arrival and departure, you will need to report to the "Range Control" near the shooting ranges.

VHFC manages
- 22 lakes : Island, Sailing, Arras, Duck, Cessna, Coffer Pound, Good Luck, Grande Ligne, Hayes, Illat, Lamone, Try Lake, Long Pound, Michel, Murphy, Noir, Ortona, Pachino, Potenza and Reggio
- 2 rivers : Riv aux Pins, Riv Ravana
- more than 50 rowboats,
- 3 rental chalets.


- The lakes are seeded twice a year, in spring and fall.

- The best fishing conditions are therefore present at the start of the season.
- You must bring your own life jackets.
- Access to lakes does not take precedence over military activities.

Sport Fishing Regulations at VHFC