General Information

General Information

1 - How to Register
To register for any of the activities offered by the Community Recreation Department, you must go directly to the Sports Center (Building 516). PSL members have the advantage to Register Online. To be eligible for the PSL fee, participants must be members for the duration of the course. It is important to provide the health insurance number for each minor participant when registering. No telephone reservation will be accepted. Registration priority will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

2 - Disclaimer
All participants enrolled in a course that is considered to be high risk by our insurer must sign the "WAIVER OF CLAIMS, ACCEPTANCE OF RISKS AND COMPENSATION" before the beginning of the course in order to finalize their registration. They will not be able to take part in the activity without the completed waiver. 

3 - Min/Max Registrants
The number of registrations is limited for certain activities to ensure the quality and it runs smoothly. The Community Recreation Department reserves the right to schedule an activity with limited spaces and make changes to the schedule.

4 - Cancellation of an activity
An activity may be cancelled with 5 days' notice if the minimum number of registrations is not reached. Clients registered in an activity that is cancelled will be contacted by phone/email and refunded in full.

5 - After-School Activities
For after-school activities, the Valcartier Community Recreation Department transports children from the school to the location of their activity. Parents must pick up their children at the end of the activity.

6 - Terms of Payment
The registration fee must be paid in full at the time of registration. It is possible to pay by cash, debit, credit card, or cheque (no postdated check will be accepted). A pre-authorized payment on the 30th day of each month (credit card or cheque) can be made if the invoice is $300+.*The cheque must be made payable to "Gestion Valcartier" and dated for the day of registration and contain the following information on the back:

If the payee is from the same family as a member (spouse or child): 
Member's name, registration number and address.
If the payee does not have a family relationship with a member:
Date of birth of the payee

7 - Taxes
GST and QST are not included in the cost of activities.

8 - Refund Policy*
All refund requests must be submitted via the “refund request form” (currently only available in French). Supporting documents must be included (i.e. doctor's note, transfer message, release or assignment to a course) and directed to the Community Recreation Department. No transfer or credit is allowed. Reimbursement will be granted for one of the following reasons
from the date of the request :
  1. Course cancellation by the Community Recreation Department;
  2. Member withdrawals 5 days before the start of the class or day of activities;
  3. Injury, illness, transfer or military career courses.
The refund will be processed within 30 working days.
* This policy does not apply to:
1. The benefits program (ie: discounted tickets)
2. Courcelette day camp (no refund will be granted, only transfers will be accepted, it is possible to move your weeks of registration, depending on availability).
3. Mistral Laurentien Soccer Club

9 - Early Registrations
 A $10 rebate for every $100 will be given to early registrations completed before the deadline.

10 - Tax Credit* 
The provincial government provides a child tax credit for the Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp.
* To receive a receipt in a timely manner, ensure all information in your Book King user account for you and your children is fully completed.
* For all requests to reissue a receipt due to incorrect data, a $10 administration fee will be applied.

11 - Information
For additional information:
Community Recreation Department, Sports Centre, Building 516
 418 844-5000, ext. 5226
Centre Castor, Building 611
 418 844-3272