Rangers Junior

Rangers Junior

Last update 27-11-2020
Rangers program
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Rangers program 
The Scuba Rangers SSI program offers plenty of diving activities for children ages 8 to 12. Safety is a top priority and Scuba Ranger programs are only taught by specially trained Instructors, in a pool or in a confined space in a protected area, and with a maximum depth of 5 meters. At the end of this program, you will get the Scuba Rangers recognition card. (10 week session)

Age requirement: 8 years old and over
Prerequisite: None
Number of theoretical sessions:
Number of pool sessions: 8
Maximum depth for training: 3.2 meters
Duration of the program: 12 hours
 Rangers junior    8 years old and +  AQU2021011302TA   Monday  Jan. 23 to March 22   5h30 to 7h00 pm     290$   355 $ 
Rangers junior   8 years old and +  AQU2021011302TB  Saturday   Jan. 23 to March 27   9:30 to 11:00 am  290$   355 $ 
* Please note that there are no classes during the spring break from March 1 to 7, 2021


Online if you have an account with the Valcartier Base Community Recreation Department
Open an Account with the Valcartier Base Community Recreation Department
By email, with the aquatic programs coordinator

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For any questions regarding the various diving courses offered, contact the person in charge of the diving school, Louis Guay at 418-570-9118 or at lguay18@gmail.com. 
To request registration support, you can contact the Aquatic Programs Coordinator at 418-844-5000, ext. 4138 or by email at perreault.genevieve@sbmfc.com.

To consult the website of the Louis Guay diving school, click HERE