Support for family obligations

Support for family obligations

Has your spouse been away on training, exercise or deployment for a few months? Are you going through a tough time? Are you exhausted? Are your casual childcare arrangements (drop-in daycare, babysitters, family, friends, list of resources, etc) no longer sufficient? In order to help families who are dealing with stressful childcare-related situations, the VMFRC offers a variety of childcare services to all CAF members at Valcartier Garrison. Please note that there are certain eligibility criteria. To request these services, contact the VMFRC’s navigator so that they can assess your needs.

Since childcare is primarily a parental responsibility, the preventative component of the service encourages the Canadian Armed Forces member to develop an emergency childcare plan (ECP). The plan will be kept at the unit to be used as needed.

If the plan falls through or cannot be implemented immediately, the family obligations support service will be available. This service should be considered a back-up for your plan and should be used only as a last resort. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for children of all ages.

In case of emergency

Daytime: 418 844-6060
Evenings and weekends: 418 844-5224

Offered by the Valcartier Military Family Resource Centre · 418 844-6060 · 1 877 844-6060