Employment - Day camp counsellor

Employment - Day camp counsellor

This summer, let's get moving! Become an ANIMATOR !

We are looking for day camp counsellors who will bring magic to the children's day.

The Courcelette Day Camp offers an enriching and entertaining recreational experience to the children of the community during the summer months in a safe environment. 

1001 reasons to work at Courcelette Day Camp?

  • To be OUTSIDE all summer long
  • For FUN at work
  • To make the most of your CREATIVITY
  • To acquire SKILLS that will serve you all your life.
  • To receive quality TRAINING
  • To live an unforgettable summer
  • To join a tightly woven FAMILY
Here's what our facilitators have to say
"The day camp gives me a good experience for my future as an elementary teacher and I love working with children." (Coral)

"With the camp, I work outside in the sun all summer long and I move every day" (Sékoya)

"The camp is a nice atmosphere, working outside and having a good relationship with the children, but also with the colleagues. The camp is a summer job like no other that helps us surpass ourselves. "(Malawi)

"I love Courcelette day camp because I spend the summer outdoors at the pool, doing activities, doing science experiments, making recipes and playing my favourite sports. I've made valuable friendships and discovered a great group of people who are smiling, dynamic and passionate like me. The important thing, in my opinion, is to have fun with young people while offering diversified activities so that everyone has a memorable summer. "(Athena)


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