Sports and Recreation Plan (PSL)

Sports and Recreation Plan (PSL)

The Sports and Recreation Plan (known as "PSL") offers a wide range of activities and services to members, their families, external clients and occasional visitors at unbeatable prices.

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MORE Access
  • Access to free courses
  • Access to the Sports Centre 
  • Access to all indoor and outdoor pools
  • Access to the climbing wall (Certification Required)
  • Access to snowshoeing, toboganning, mountain biking and snow biking trails at the Castor Centre
  • Access to advanced registration online
    • (Offered in the WINTER and SPRING sessions for participants already registered in a course and wish to register for the same course)
  • Access to personal training services ($)
  • Access to day camp activities ($)
  • Extended access to the facilities of the Saint-Jean and Montreal garrisons
Special Rates:
  • Discounted rates on various activites: cinema, ski resorts, and more
  • Discounted rates on certain activities at the Caster Centre: membership for golf and cross-country skiing
  • Discounted rates on activities and courses in the Recreation Programs
  • Discounts on evening childcare services
Facility Reservation and Equipment Loans
  • Badminton, squash court, and fields reservations (open activities : basketball, soccer and more)**
  • Free loan of sports equipment and training accessories*
Free Courses*
As a PSL member, you have access to many free courses that are given at lunchtime or in the evening. 

Note: Adults and Military PSL members (priority to military members at lunchtime)
General Information: 418-844-5000, ext. 5226
* Class schedule, benefits and equipment reservation are affected by the pandemic situation. For more information, contact us.
** Individual or family bubble reservation only


Regular Members
Regular Force, Reserve Force, Foreign Militairy, Retired CAF
     Individual: 6 Months: $132  12 months: $264
     Family: 6 Months: $168   12 months: $336

Ordinary Members 
Employee of NPF and Others, Retired NPF
    Individual: 6 Months: $211.20  12 months: $422.40
    Family: 6 Months: $244.80   12 months: $489.60

Associate Members
Residents of Shannon and St-Gabriel-de-Valcartier
     Individual: 6 Months: $224   12 months: $432
     Family: 6 Months: $208   12 months: $416

Residents og Quebec city and others
     Individual: 6 Months: $319.20  12 months: $638.40
     Family: 6 Months: $588   12 months: $1176

***Rates are subject to change without notice.
Note :

1. A member's immediate family has the same membership status as the member himself. Immediate family means the spouse (common-law or not) and children (see note 2) residing at the same address as the member (proof required).
2. Children 18 years of age and over are considered part of the immediate family if they live at the same address as their parents (maximum 21 years of age) or are full-time students (maximum 25 years of age) and at any age if they are unable to support themselves because of a disability. Proof of residence and/or student card may be required.