Under the Quebec Education Act (Loi sur l’instruction publique), school service centres (formerly school boards) must offer adapted services to make education possible for everyone. Children with special needs have the right to an education adapted to meet their needs, their age and their academic abilities. It is therefore the responsibility of the school, with the collaboration of parents and the professionals involved, to put in place the necessary measures aimed at ensuring the same chances of success for all children. 

Intervention Plan 

In order to identify the child's needs and the adaptations to be put in place, an intervention plan will be developed. The development of the intervention plan involves a process during which the parents and the school discuss the measures that can be taken to promote the success and development of your child, following the identification of the challenges that the child is experiencing and / or the limitations he encounters which prevent him from achieving certain goals. These measures will be reassessed and readjusted over time based on their effectiveness. 

Regular classes with specialized services: Many children with special needs are able to progress in regular classes with the implementation of measures to promote their well-being and their success. This is often the first intervention that will be attempted by the school environment. In addition, having a diagnosis from a professional, or waiting for a diagnosis, generally allows the school to obtain a budget for the implementation of the identified measures. 

Specialized classes: For other students, it will be better to consider a transfer to a specialized class. These classes are mostly found in regular schools, but have various adaptations. Access to these classes requires a diagnosis by a professional (or an assessment in progress), and the referral to the specialized class will be made by your child's neighborhood school. 

Specialized schools: For some children, the special school will be the best place to allow them to be educated in an environment that will promote their fulfillment and development. Specialized schools offer adaptations in all spheres of education and have more professional resources. To be admitted, the child must have disabilities that significantly limit his participation in educational activities in the ordinary or adapted class, despite the implementation of adaptation measures. As for the special class, the reference must be made by your child's neighborhood school. Depending on your child's type of needs, the school that best meets their needs may be located on the territory of another school service center. 

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