Spring Break

Spring Break

Winter 2020 
Last updated on 29/10/2019
Activites and Outings - 5 to 12 yrs 
Spring Break Day Camp
Parent-Child Activities
Free Family Activities
Momentum Hockey Training Camp
Family Fun Zone (inflatable games)
Free Swimming - Spring Break Special
Top Rope Training - Climbing
Training Course for Youth

Registration starting December 4th at 18h00
Register using the CODE for the activity of your choice.
Online if you are member with the Community Recreation Department. 
(General Subcategory / Camps)
Open an Account with the Community Recreation Department.
Information: 418-844-5000 ext 5226

​*Fees and activities are subject to change without notice*

Activities and Outings 
Age: 5-12 yrs
Date: March 2 to 6, 2020

The Community Recreation Department offers fee-based activities for children aged 5 to 12. The "Activities and outings" program is intended for children who wish to experience a special activity and whose parents are on leave since our care of the child is only for the duration of the transportation and activity. Parents should plan a lunch and snacks if necessary.
The hours of activity mentioned in the table do not include transportation. This is offered by the Community Recreation Department. 
In February, an email will be sent to participants with details of each day (equipment, time of transport, etc.)
Note: The deadline to register for activities is February 26, 2020.

Schedule and Fees
 Date  Activites and Outings   Code   Description  Activity Time   Prix PSL   Prix NPSL
Monday, March 2  Fun Putt Mini Golf  and Katag  *FULL*  CAM1920031302A  Mini golf and Katag game in the afternoon (foam sword)  10h00 to 15h00  $25   $35 
Tuesday, March 3 Family Film Festival of Quebec   CAM1920031302B  Movie + themed workshop on site ( trickery), Cinema Le Clap  8h45
to 12h00
 $25   $35 
Wednesday, March 4  Bora Parc *FULL*  CAM1920031302C Indoor Waterslides  10h00 to 14h30  $30   $39
Thursday,  March 5 Méga ​Parc *FULL*  CAM1920031302D Indoor Amusement Park  10h00 to 13h00  $25  $35 
Friday, March 6  Tobogganing, snowshowing and Gumboot  CAM1920031302E Tobogganing and snowshoeing at the Castor Centrer + Gumboot Workshop  9h15
to 14h00
 $20  $29 
*These activities are non-taxable.

Spring Break Day Camp
Age: 5-12 yrs
Location: Community Centre (bldg 93)
Date: March 2 to 6, 2020
Time: 8h30 to 15h30
Supervised Activities INCLUDED: 6h45 to 8h30 and 15h30 to 17h

The Community Recreation Department organizes a week full of fun activities for your kids! The Spring Break Day Camp is designed for parents who need to have a full day of care for their children. The camp is made up of special opportunities in addition to regular and supervised activities. Registration is by the day and places are limited. More information will be provided by email to registered participants.
Note: The deadline to register for activities is February 26, 2020.

Schedule of Activities and Fees
Date Daily Activity/Outing   Code   Prix PSL   Prix NPSL
 Monday, March 2  Fun Putt Mini Golf and Katag  *FULL*  CAM1920031302F   $50  $69
 Tuesday, March 3  Family Film Festival of Quebec   CAM1920031302G  $45  $65
 Wednesday, March 4  Bora Parc *FULL*  CAM1920031302H  $50  $69
 Thursday, March 5  Méga Parc *FULL*  CAM1920031302I  $45  $65 
 Friday, March 6  Toboganning, Snowshoeing & Gumboot   CAM1920031302J  $40  $59
*Camp is non-taxable.
Parent-Child Activities
Age: 5-12 yrs + Parents*
Location: Community Centre (bldg 93)
Date: March 2 to 6 March, 2020
*All registered children must be accompanied by an adult.

Spring Break is a wonderful opportunity to do some great parent-child activities. Throughout the week, we offer a series of free activities for PSL members. These are busy and have limited seating. Children must be registered in advance.
Note: The deadline to register for activities is February 26, 2020.

Family Zumba 
Do you have energy and rhythm? Do you want to experience a new activity? Participate in a Zumba workshop with the family. Fun guaranteed!
No dance or zumba experience required. Bring comfortable clothing and a bottle of water.

Lego-Robot Workshop (7yrs+) *FULL*
Do you have a passion for building and designing robots? We have several different models to design and construct for your enjoyment! Registration includes 2 blocks of time to complete the projects started. Limited space. 

Ceramic Painting  *FULL*
A creative activity of ceramic painting will allow you to develop your artistic side! Talented or not, you will create a unique work of art that you can take home. (Only children have a room to paint, parents are supporting and assisting their children). 

Kids on holidays, Fun Recipes! (cooking)  *FULL*
Join us for the family cooking activity. Equipment provided and you will taste your creations on the spot. It is important to disclose food allergies/intolerances when registering. Bring an airtight dish for the leftovers.

Candle Making
Enjoy a unique experience with your family to decorate homemade candles! A candleholder can also be built during this activity.

Bingo !
Big bingo event for the whole family. Only children will have a card to play (Parents support and assist their children).

Schedule of Activities and Fees
Monday, March 2  Family Zumba  CAM1920031302K   9h30 to 10h30 Free  $5
Monday, March 2 Lego-Robot Workshop - Block 1   CAM1920031302L  9h30 to 11h30 Free  $5
Tuesday, March 3 Ceramic Painting  CAM1920031302M   9h30 to 11h30 Free  $5
Tuesday, March 3 Lego-Robot Workshop - Block 2   CAM1920031302L  9h30 to 11h30 Free  $5
Wednesday, March 4 Kids on Holidays, Fun Recipes!   CAM1920031302N 10h00 to 12h30  Free  $5
Thursday, March 5 Candle Making   CAM1920031302O  9h30 to 11h45 Free  $5
Friday, March 6  Bingo  CAM1920031302P  9h30 to 11h30 Free  $5
*Only children need to register.

Free Family Activities
Who: Family*
Location: Community Centre (bldg 93)
Date: March 2 to 6, 2020
*All children must be accompanied by an adult.

If you are looking for an activity to do with your family that is absolutely free, we are here for you! No registration required.

Does the animal world interest you? Would you like to spend a some time learning more about animals and maybe even touch them? Educazoo will be the family activity for you! Entertainment and education in the form of a kiosk with domestic and exotic animals.

Popcorn Movie Night
We invite you to a family movie night. Popcorn and beverages available on location.
Pyjamas are allowed, be comfortable!
Following the voting period, the winning choice will be announced here.

Camping Games Tournament
Who says we have to wait until summer to play our favorite camping games? Several revised games will be offered to you in order to have fun in the spirit of healthy competition. Participation prizes will be drawn at the end of the activity. If the weather conditions allow, the activity will be held outside. Plan clothing accordingly. 

 Tuesday, March 3  Éducazoo   12h00 to 15h00*   Free for everyone 
 Wednesday, March 4 Popcorn Movie Night   18h30 movie starts
 Thursday, March 5 Camping Games Tournament   13h00 to 15h00
*Éducazoo is in the form of a kiosk, participation is not required for the entire duration of the activity.

Momentum Hockey Training Camp
7 to 12yrs
Location: Community Centre (bldg 93),  Clément-Boulanger Arena
Date: March 2 to 6, 2020
Time: 8h30 to 16h00
Activity Supervision INCLUDED: 6h45 to 8h30 and 16h00 to 17h00

Hockey preparation camp for children aged 7 to 12, reserved for players1. Focus is on techniques, game scenarios and off-ice training. The camp is run by the Momentum Company. 
For more information about the camp, please visit the website of Momentum Training Camp.
1The camp is not intended for goalies. 

 March 2 to 6    Momentum Hockey Training Camp   CAM1920031302Q   $249   $270
*The camp is non taxable.

Family Fun Zone (inflatable bpuncers)
Come and have fun with your family in our family fun zone! Two inflatable bouncers and mini sports games will be available.
*Please note that adult supervision is required at all times.

Age: 2 to 10yrs
Location: Sports Centre - Plateau 3
Time: March 2 to 6, 2020 from 13h to 16h
Cost: see below

Membre PSL Free
Non-member 0-5yrs  $3 + taxes                  
Non-member 6yrs +  $5 + taxes

Free Swimming (Spring Break Special)
More swimming time available for you and your family. 
*Please note that adult supervision is required by the poolside for children aged 8 to 12.
*Please note that adult supervision is required in the water for children 7 years of age and under. 

Who: Everyone
Location: Sports Centre - Indoor Pool
Time: March 2 to 8 - see  schedule below
Cost: See the Family Fun Zone table​

Day Swimming Type Time
Monday to Friday  Free swimming for all  13h to 15h55
Sunday  Lane Swimming
 Leisure Pool
 Inflatable WIBIT
 9h15 to 10h45 
 11h to 11h55
 13h to 14h55

Top Rope Training - Climbing
For people interested in climbing, this 3-hour training course teaches the basics of climbing in order to be able to climb and provide people with the confidence on an indoor wall (theoretical and practical knowledge of the vocabulary used, the 8 knot, belaying, security concepts and more).

Top Rope Training   14yrs+  SPO1920161302Q6  Sports Centre   March 3   18h00 to 21h00   $65   $95
Note: Cost includes training and certification.
           An appointment for the certification must be made following the training.

Training Course for Youth
Learn to work out with weights and cardio equipment in a healthy and safe way. This course includes a general training program. All you need is paper, pencil, water bottle, towel and the motivation to be active. The completion of this course will give youth 13 years of age the privilege of having access to cardio and weight training rooms without supervision (usually reserved for 14yrs+). 

Training Course
for Youth
13 to 17yrs   PHY1920081302N  Sports Centre March 5   8h30 to 12h30   $491   $75 
Note 1 : Refundable upon successful completion for PSL members.