About the Community Recreation Department

The mission of the Community Recreation Department on the Valcartier Base is to help the military community maintain good health by offering activities that help to reduce intellectual fatigue, stress and frustration that can sometimes result from daily work.

The Recreation Department plays an important role in developing and maintaining new activities and new interests to stimulate personal growth, teach new skills and channel energy in a positive way.

The Community Recreation Department on the Valcartier Base is responsible for:
  • Sports and Recreation Plans;
  • Schedule of free activities;
  • Summer Camp and Spring Break Camp;
  • after-school, arts, cultural, community, aquatic, sports and fitness programs;
  • monthly event calendar for the entire family;
  • recreational club support and;
  • a variety of family activities and theme days.
HIGH FIVE Quality Standard
Our teachers, coaches, volunteers, as well as stakeholders working for the Community Recreation Department on the Valcartier Base are committed to providing high quality sports and recreation programs for children aged 6 to 12 years old.

The HIGH FIVE® quality standard ensures that your child's sport and recreation experience is safe, welcoming of uniqueness and age-appropriate. It also ensures that your child will have a positive experience and leave the program with a smile!

In this way, your child will have an experience where you can find the following:
  • Participation: opportunities for everyone;
  • Play: just have fun;
  • Mastery: learn new skills and succeed;
  • Friends: opporunity to make new friendships;
  • A Caring Adult: a coaching adult who is attentive and demonstrates genuine interest in all children.