General Informations

General Informations

22 lakes, 2 rivers, several hunting areas and cottage rental--at your disposal!

The Club Chasse et Pêche de Valcartier (CCPV) is a non-public funds organization at Valcartier Base offering services for hunting and fishing and for vacationing. The Club is located at the Centre Castor.

The services offered are aimed at improving the quality of life of the members and of the military community. Our services are also accessible to the civilian community.

A wide array of leisure and outdoor activities is available, among which brook trout sport fishing. Moose, black bear, deer and small game hunting can also be practiced. 

Occasional visitors have access to services such as sport fishing, cottage rentals, wilderness camping, and rifle zeroing.

There are 3 cottages with running water (unsafe for drinking) for vacation purposes. Cottages are equipped with a lighting system and a propane-powered refrigerator and stove. Please note that services are not available for wilderness camping. 

Constitution of Hunting and Fishing Club

For more information please contact the customer service of PSP 418-844-5000 #5226