Mountain Adventure Club

Mountain Adventure Club

The Mountain Adventure Club is low-key multi-faceted club with a focus on fun and adventure.  It exists to support and enhance its members’ enjoyment of outdoor activities.  We organize various trips throughout the year for activities such as rock & ice climbing, skiing, backpacking, camping, hiking and relaxing around a campfire. Events are designed for individuals of all skill & experience levels (including none) and are for all ages – families are encouraged to participate. 
To become a member, you must first either
1) be military or a member of the Community Rec Association or
2) purchase a One Club Membership ($50+tax) at the Garrison Fitness Centre.

Then, please contact the club Treasurer, Capt Megan Cromarty, at 780-842-1363 x 1726.

Pte Alain Goguen
780-842-1363 x 1720

Vice President:

780-842-1363 x 

Capt Megan Cromarty
780-842-1363 x 1726