Medical/Dental Appointment

Medical/Dental Appointment Travel Support

Through the Alberta “SUPPORT OUR TROOPS” licence plates, contributions are made by Alberta residents to support CAF Families residents in Alberta.  As a way to mitigate travel costs for medical and dental appointments for your families in Edmonton, Camrose or Lloydminster, DGMWS has authorized use of these funds to offset your travel costs.  Effective 1 Nov 17, on application, CAF families will be reimbursed each time they travel to Edmonton, Camrose or Lloydminster for a spouse's/child's/dependent's medical or dental appointment, in accordance with the following chart:  

Travel to: Gas Lunch
(max $30)
(max $40)
(max $50)
Edmonton $40.00 Up to $15.00 per person Up to $20.00 per person Up to $50.00 Patient plus one.  Meals and accommodation must be supported by receipts.
Camrose $30.00 Up to $15.00 per person N/A N/A
Lloydminster   $25.00   Up to $15.00 per person N/A N/A

To apply for reimbursement, the CAF member must complete Schedule G to the Support our Troops Program, attach proof from the Medical/Dental Practitioner that the family member was seen, and register for NPP Direct Funds TransferNote that receipts must be provided for all meals and accommodations, please ask for the till or detailed receipt. Where accommodation is necessary, it is recommended that families take advantage of the French Grey Inn (Bldg 212) at Garrison Edmonton or Valour Place.  

Completed forms are to be delivered in person to Jeri Duke (780-842-1363 x1008) at Building 696.  Once approved, they will be deposited directly to the CAF member's bank account. We suggest calling or emailing in advance to schedule a time to meet with her and verify that no further information is required. 

We will also be seeking volunteers to participate in a quarterly video testimonial which will demonstrate to the Province of Alberta the positive impact the Support our Troops License Plate Program is having on the CAF community.