Wainwright Summer Day Camp

Summer Splash


Summer Splash Wainwright Summer Day Camp for Children

The WMFRC offers programming during the summer months to address parents' need for supervised and stimulating summer experiences for their children while out of school, at a reasonable cost, so that they may meet employment, personal and/or other obligations. This program is open to both military and civilian families.
The Summer Splash program for children ages 5-11 years is open from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday throughout July and August.

The Summer Splash program aims to:

  • Assist parents in providing supervised and stimulating summer experiences for their children at a reasonable cost so that they may meet employment, personal, and/or other obligations.
  • Offer participants a safe, caring, and enriching environment that is conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.
  • Provide activities that are meaningful, entertaining, and educational and are tailored to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of the individual.
  • Promote self esteem in all areas of child development: social, physical, language, intellectual, creative, and emotional.
  • Contribute to the wholesome growth and development of the future citizens of our community.

Summer Splash Program Documentation
For more information on Summer Splash Programming, please contact the WMFRC at 780-842-1363 Ext. 1253 or e-mail info@wainwrightmfrc.ca