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Wainwright Military Family Resource Centre (WMFRC)
Building 400, Hillside Road
Denwood, Alberta
T0B 1B0

Office Hours*:
Moday to Friday from 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
*We are open during the lunch hour.

Main Office Phone: 780-842-1363 Ext. 1253
CSN: 530
Fax: 780-842-1876

Natacha Drolet
Executive Director
Ext. 1254

Kathleen Crowley
Child and Family Services Manager 
Ext. 1253

Stacey Shmyr
Child Care Director
Ext. 1248

Brenda Batke-Munter
Accounts Manager / Payroll Administrator
Ext. 1921

Michèle Lavigne
Administrative Assistant 
Ext. 1253

Joelle Broadhead
Employment, Deployment & Veteran Family Program Coordinator 
Ext. 1253

Valerie Bouchard
Community Development / French Services Coordinator
Ext. 1241

Marjorie Kelly
Information & Personal Development Coordinator
Ext. 3021

Kelly Oczkowski
Communications & Promotions Coordinator
Ext. 1241

Rhonda Schoepp
Child & Family Services Coordinator
Ext. 3021

Kelsey Haduik
Child & Family Services Coordinator 
Ext. 3021

Joanne Andersen
Morning Program Facilitator
Ext. 3021

Victoria Lafreniere
Alternate Childcare Director
Ext. 1248

Monia De Lafountaine
Early Childhood Educator
Ext. 1248

Alisa Jensen
Daycare Cook
Ext. 1248

​(updated September 2019)