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All of our rescue and first aid training is delivered by certified instructors from the Lifesaving Society, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote safe interactions with water in order to prevent drowning and other trauma. Here are our different programs:


You have experience as a lifeguard and would like to teach you the different programs to become a lifeguard. The different courses in the leadership program can certainly meet your need to convey your passion.

Visit the Lifesaving Society website for more information on the leadership program:

Lifesaving instructor
First aid instructor
Leadership Requalification 
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Lifesaving instructor
Pass on your experience and your passion for rescue by becoming a Rescue Instructor. You will train future rescuers by teaching them first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, rescue techniques and skills. The lifesaving instructor can teach the following certificates: Young Rescuer (Initiate, Expert, Expert), Bronze Star, Bronze Medal, Bronze Cross, Rescue Physical Fitness, Certificate of Distinction, as well as many others.

Price: 315$+tx 
- Online training fees
- Lifeguard Instructor Patent
The manuals of the lifesaving instructor must be purchased by the candidate in the volumes he does not already have in his possession. The cost of all volumes is $ 98 + tx.
Virtual Sessions (synchrone)
January 18 and 25, February 1, 8 and 22 
5h30 to 8h30 pm

Face-to-face session (Valcartier military Base)
Friday February 12, 6h to 9h pm
Saturday and sunday, february 13-14, 10h am to 5h pm

Priors : 
- Hold the National Lifeguard certificate
- Be 16 years old during the last class

How to register:
- Contact Nicolas Francoeur, aquatic fitness instructor at 418-844-5000 ext 3078

First Aid Instructor (4 p.m.)
The Recreation Department of the Valcartier military base will host a First Aid Instructor training. Under a hybrid formula including distance sessions and a single face-to-face session, you will learn the basics of first aid education and have the opportunity to improve your current knowledge. This certificate then allows you to offer a variety of first aid training including CPR level A, B and C training and first aid (8ham) and general first aid (4hpm) courses.

Other dates are expected soon in the Quebec City region. Express your interest immediately by emailing Edith Polak to be placed on a waiting list and to be notified as soon as future dates are available.
Priors : 
- Hold the Lifesaving Instructor certificate or experience in teaching
- Hold an up-to-date General First Aid certificate **

** If the General First Aid certificate is not up to date, it will be necessary to participate in a General First Aid requalification.

How to register:
- Complete the Rescue Society form via:

For information : 
Edith Polak, Rescue Society
Nicolas Francoeur, aquatic fitness instructor at 418-844-5000 ext 3078

REQUALIFICATION - Lifeguard instructor and First Aid insctructor
Are you a lifesaving instructor and your certificate has expired or is about to expire? The "Lifesaving Instructor" requalification will allow you to keep up to date, keep you abreast of news as well as validate your skills in order to continue teaching rescue programs such as bronze levels.

The "First Aid Instructor" requalification part, for its part, will update you on emergency care programs in addition to validating your first aid skills.

The new requalification consists of three sections:
- Common Core (2h) - Compulsory for all
- "Rescue instructor" part (2h)
- "First Aid Instructor" part (2h)

Requalification Day Hour Cost
Common core + Lifeguard instructor (4h) Thursday December 3 6h to 10h pm 125 $
First aid instructor (2h) * Monday December 7  6h to 8h pm 125 $
Requalification MS + MPS
(including common core)
Thursday December 3
Monday Decembre 7
18h à 22h
18h à 20h
175 $
* The common core must have been taken (Thursday 3 December - 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
Priors : 
- Hold the patents to be requalified dating no longer than 4 years. *

*An instructor whose patent is more than 4 years old must contact the Lifesaving society in order to be mentored to make a return to leadership.

How to register:
- Contact Nicolas Francoeur, aquatic fitness instructor at 418-844-5000 ext 3078


You wish to notify us of your interest in leadership training. Some trainings can be scheduled according to demand. Do not hesitate to MENTION YOUR INTEREST !

For any additional information, you can reach:
- Geneviève Perreault, aquatic coordinator , 418-844-5000 ext 4138
- Nicolas Francoeur, aquatic fitness instructor at 418-844-5000 ext 3078